Reflections of a Welshman is the third and final installment in the Confessions Trilogy by the ever popular and funny Lyn Clarke. Filled with his usual colorful stories and distinct style of storytelling, Reflections of a Welshman will have people cheering for more. Most people are lucky to be able to write one memoir; Lyn effortlessly pens another winner full of wit and humor. He is truly one of the great storytellers of all time. 
Amazing States, the fourth autobiographical offering that continues in the classic Clarke tradition, takes the reader from Lyn’s old stomping grounds of Wales to the United States. What follows is a highly humorous and memorable tale about his journey across the States. From Maine to Florida, Texas to the Rocky Mountains and everywhere in between, Clarke’s amazing storytelling is akin to the stories shared around many an American campfire and guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.
Ramblings of a Welshman, Lyn Clarke's follow-up to Memoirs of a Welshman, is just as funny, heartfelt and audacious as the original. Written in a style akin to Irish writer Frank McCourt, Lyn writes his story not from the beginning to the end but rather by each interesting subject to the next. Filled with colorful stories about famous people he has met, insights into his own family tree and his exciting and carefree lifestyle, Ramblings of a Welshman is guaranteed to make you love – and look at – memoirs in a completely new light.
Memoirs of a Welshman is a collection of amusing and fascinating stories outlining Lyn’s travels and the famous and unusual people that he meets along the way. Written from the heart, his storytelling is akin to puling up a stool at your favorite pub and being entertained by the barkeep. This autobiography will transpose the reader to a different time and place. Witty and clever with a dash of drama thrown in for good measure, this is a book not to be missed!
ISBN: 978-1440439797     176 Pages
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Mourning Redemption
Titles Available by Lyn Clarke
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by Rosemary Ling & Barbara Kingsmore
Titles Available by Sharon M. Clarke
Meet Maddie, a beautiful young girl growing up in the 1940s in the hills of West Virginia. Always the dreamer, she yearns for happiness and searches for the meaning of life.
Life isn’t what she expects and the twists and turns along the way are often filled with hurt and unfulfilled dreams. Maddie stumbles and falls along many different paths trying to find happiness but it is ever elusive and not easily within reach.

Join Maddie in her journey of spiritual awakening when she discovers that the answer to the meaning of life and personal happiness is achieved when we follow the right path and invite God into our lives.
Maddie's Paradise Mountain
Join Maddie in her journey of spiritual awakening.
Memoirs of a Welshman
ISBN: 978-1440439834     200 Pages
Ramblings of a Welshman
ISBN: 978-1440489990     168 Pages
Reflections of a Welshman
ISBN: 978-1448628865      172 Pages
Amazing States
In the early 1900s, the Evans family boards a ship and immigrates to America wishing to start life anew. Settling in a coalmining town’s company housing, known as “the patch” in Pennsylvania, Mrs. Evans befriends a new neighbor who has just lost her parents to the tragedy of the Titanic. The true bond of friendship is forged strong between these two women as they share unfathomable sorrow. Healing is found through the most unlikely source as their lives and stories are forever entwined. Mourning Redemption transcends time and will truly touch your life.
ISBN: 978-1440439711       160 Pages
Morgan's Crossing
Morgan’s Crossing, the long-awaited riveting sequel to Mourning Redemption, is the final chapter in the Evans’ family saga. Nestled in the Allegheny foothills is the sleepy coalmining town of New Salem, Pennsylvania where one of its most notorious and dangerous residents has returned and set sights on a young, local boy. Intrigue, deception and desire entwine in this tale of a town clouded with secrets, some which may be far too deadly to withstand. Don’t miss this page-turning conclusion!
ISBN: 978-1450569378        148 Pages
ISBN: 978-1453750285     212 Pages
Scheduled Release Date: 9/21/2010
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