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Lyn Clarke has and continues to lead an exceptional life. Noted for his rugby, soccer, tennis and pool playing, he was also an exceptional runner at track, cross country and road races. A top engineer and salesman at work, he traveled throughout Britain, Europe, Scandinavia and, most recently, the United States. 

On the social side, Lyn is an avid partier, prankster and raconteur with a reputation of being on the cutting edge of humor. His transformation from the streets of his blue-collar, coalmining and steel-making hometown in Wales, to the sandy white beaches of the semi-tropical paradise island in Florida where he now resides, has been nothing short of spectacular.
Memoirs of a Welshman
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Ramblings of a Welshman
Amazing States, the fourth autobiographical offering that continues in the classic Clarke tradition, takes the reader from Lyn’s old stomping grounds of Wales to the United States. What follows is a highly humorous and memorable tale about his journey across the States. From Maine to Florida, Texas to the Rocky Mountains and everywhere in between, Clarke’s amazing storytelling is akin to the stories shared around many an American campfire and guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.
Amazing States
Book four in the often funny and always insightful autobiographical series!
Memoirs of a Welshman: Book 1 of the Confessions Trilogy
Ramblings of a Welshman: Book 2 in the Confessions Trilogy
Reflections of a Welshman
Amazing States
Reflections of a Welshman: Book 3 in the Confessions Trilogy
Amazing States: A Welshman's Odyssey in America.
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