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About the Author

Athena Clarke is an educator, writer, and author of the new novel “I’m Unique”. A professionally trained and certified teacher and ABA therapist, Athena has spent the last decade reading and executing many plans to write children’s books that connect and speak a positive message to children all over the world! 


Athena has a Master's from Touro Graduate School of Education. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, and spends her summers resting, vacationing and writing more. Athena is a lifelong reading nerd and a devoted activist dedicated to social justice and human rights. She is also an amazing cook. Athena is an educator for the New York City Department of Education and has spent 12 years dedicated to making sure that all children see themselves towards a prosperous and successful future. She has always made sure that she creates characters that represent and walk the path of experiences of her own childhood and children she teaches today.


Pick up and order a copy of her first book, which was released last year, “I’m Unique”. This colorful book tells a story about self-esteem and beauty for beautiful black girls who once thought they could not fit in. It’s an imaginative and heartwarming story about a little unicorn who learns to love herself and believe that she too is a belle. 

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